South Africa

FUA in South Africa

The population of South Africa in 2011 was 52 million. About 2 in 5 South African lived in the 5 cities included in the database.

Data OverviewSummary statistics
# of cities5Average city population (in millions)2.6
Year of data2011Average density1276
Average population of base geographic unit700Average population-weighted density10671
Income definitionTotal annual household incomeAverage income segregation (from 0, lowest, to 100, highest)16.4
# of income categories11Income inequality (80/20 income percentile ratio)25.6
% of population living in central city (5km radius from city hall) 6.1

South African data are from Statistics South Africa.

Income is from the 2011 census and was collected as follows:

Gross monthly or annual income before deductions and including all sources of income. Income is always reported as annual income in the final census product.

Geographic data are based on the Small Area Layer.