FUA in France

The population of France in 2013 was 66 million. About two thirds of French people lived in the 9 largest cities included in the database.

Data overviewSummary Statistics
# of cities15Average city population (in millions)1.6
Year of data2013Average density802
Average population of base geographic unit2913Average population-weighted density6269
Income definitionTotal annual household incomeAverage income segregation (from 0, lowest, to 100, highest)9.5
# of income categories13Income inequality (80/20 income percentile ratio)2.9
% of population living in central city (5km radius from city hall) 42

Canadian data are from the Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques

Income is from the 2013 Dispositif revenus fiscaux localisés des ménages.

and is collected as follows:

Data are collated from two types of administrative data: Income taxes and housing taxes. They are used to create fiscal households, households generated from housing status and filing status. The data are reported as local deciles and were reformatted to have the same bin-style structure as the other countries.

Geographic data are based on the IRIS and municipality.